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  Portfolio: Some examples of our work
  Our clients’ requirements are as diverse as they are. Start-ups usually need an identity, stationery, print collateral and a small web site. More established SMEs often need their existing identity refreshed and/or new information or marketing material to support their more mature business operations and objectives.
Image of the Hands-on associates symbol Identifiers
Logotypes and symbols

We have designed a number of identifiers for organisations and events, and here we persent some examples, with a brief explanation of the idea behind each one.

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Image of the BER driver profile Action Surrey
Streets Ahead identity, brochure and promotional collateral

Action Surrey asked us to design a range of material to support their governement-backed solid wall insulation initiative aimed at home owners.

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Link to the aka portfolio page Automotive Knowledge Associates
Identities, web sites, information and promotion collateral

When Ian Dickie established a new company organising events in the automotive sector our enduring working relationship continued.

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Image of the BER driver profile Bahnstormer Motorrad
Identity, web site, and online store

A long asociation as a customer of this well respected BMW motorcycle dealership turned full circle when we had an opportunity to help them improve their online presence.

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Image of the BER driver profile Bradley Ellis Racing
Identity, brochure and web site

BER: a father and his son who have to spend most of their money on team fees and running costs. A client with a limited budget still needs a professional, high quality service. We see it as our responsibility to help them spend their money wisely.

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  Image of the The Children’s Family Trust’s ark symbol   The Children’s Family Trust
Identity, web site, stationery and forms

An initial enquiry about designing a new web site developed into a comprehensive corpoate identity, web site and forms design project.

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  Image of the cover and spreads from the exhibition book   Djanogly Art Gallery
Life Less Ordinary identity, book and exhibition collateral

A chance conversation with Anna Douglas, a freelance curator, resulted in our expressing interest in working with her on the catalogue for a forthcoming art exhibition. The project turned out to be much more extensive than that initial conversation suggested, resulting in a very rewarding experience.

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  Image of the cover and spreads from the exhibition book   Djanogly Art Gallery
Saturday Night & Sunday Morning identity, book
and exhibition collateral

We were commissioned to design collateral for an exciting exhibition of 1950s and 1960s photography. A demanding creative process followed, with an equally challenging timescale, coupled with tight budgetary constraints.

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  Image of the EuroBrake identifier symbol and logotype   EuroBrake
Identity, information and promotional collateral
for an international event

One of our best identity projects branded the world’s largest specialised conference on braking technologies.

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  Picture of Expand logotype and symbol   Expand Consulting LLP
Identity, stationery and web site

This established specialist consultancy (providing research, business development and decision-support services to the global financial markets) needed a refreshed identity, new stationery with Microsoft Office templates, and a new web site.

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  Picture of FISITA collateral   FISITA
Corporate information and marketing collateral

We’ve been working with the London hub of an international network of engineering societies to consolidate and steadily improve their communications collateral, designed around an existing identity.

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  Image of BitParts exhibition catalogue   Foundation for Art and Creative Technology
BitParts digital arts festival information and promotion

At the end of November 2002 FACT’s project managers came to us with an interesting project, a limited budget, a very tight deadline ... and an uncompromising attitude.

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Image of London Interior Furnishing Team’s brochure London Interior Furnishing Team Limited
Brochure and web site

A fresh, minimal look for this small, vibrant company, captured the spirit of their approach to their business.

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Image of the BER driver profile A New Way of Living
Identity, promotional collateral, and souvenir booklet

Arts curator Anna Douglas conceived of a project around her own home, which was staged as part of 2014 Heritage Open Days. The story became one of historical and local interest.

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  Image of the cover of the exhibition book   The Photographers’ Gallery
Shirley Baker: Women and Children; and Loitering Men
identity, book and exhibition graphics

After meeting Shirley Baker at the opening of a photography exhibition in 2012 we began to think about ideas for a book and an exhibition of her photographs.

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  Image of the Shining Stone information sign   Staffordshire Arts and Museum Service
Shining Stone plaque

We were asked to design a metal sign to locate a sculpture. This unusual project led us to a quarry in the Forest of Dean to select a one tonne rock.

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Image of two infographics
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Image of IAM RoadSmart Solent newsletter Making Progress
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Reports and reviews
Image of a report cover and spread
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Souvenir books
Image of cover and spreads from FISITA's 60th anniversary book
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More about what we do
Corporate identity
Corporate, event, programme, and product identities with associated implementation and usage manuals if required. This includes:
logotype and symbol design
stationery and form design
guidelines for staff and suppliers

Technical and sales information in a range of formats, including:
product datasheets
promotional material

Publications with a range of complexity, from monthly newsletters for public bodies to bespoke fabrication in unusual materials, including:

Signs and displays
Whether for short events or permanent display, internal or external use, one-off bespoke displays or to fit an existing structure, including:
complete stands
exhibition panels


Templates for Microsoft Office
The visual appearance of a design should not be compromised when used with Windows-based PCs. Accordingly we routinely prepare templates for:
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word

Web sites
No matter how complex, whether static or database driven, a web site should work on all types of computer and be easy to use. We design web sites with these broad aims in mind, and work with specialised programmers and database developers to deliver them.

Organisations we have worked with
Action Surrey
Alpha Seven
Anna Douglas
Article 7
Automotive Knowledge Associates
Bahnstormer Motorrad
The Balint Society
Bradley Ellis Racing
British Transport Police
The Children’s Family Trust
CIO Development
Clarity Partners
Clifford Weatherall
The Comms Crowd
Crowd Cover
Djanogly Art Gallery
Ektello Partners
Expand Consulting
The Ford Motor Company
Getty Images
Gorilla Consulting
Hazel PR
Hewlett Packard
IAM RoadSmart Solent
Incisive Media
Jaguar Racing
Julia Weatherall
Keiller Collins Property
London Interior Furnishing Team
Maytree Consulting
Media Information Solutions
MYA Consulting
New Left Review
Next Step Forward
Outside the Box
Parkheath Estates
The Photographers’ Gallery
Staffordshire Arts and Museum Service
West Midlands Arts
Woking Borough Council
Wolters Kluwer Financial Services
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