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  The Childrenís Family Trust Identity, web site, stationery and forms
Image of pages from the Childrenís Family Trust web site
Image of the revised identifier and some of the Microsoft Word forms
This work has been a journey of discovery: Hands-on learning about and understanding us, and helping us to understand ourselves better. Paul works by getting under the skin of the organisation with the result that his designs become an expression of its values and ethos. His approach is meticulous, follows a well-honed process, and produces high quality materials. Although challenging throughout, the end result is excellent.

Tom Gormley

Chief Executive Officer
The Children’s Family Trust
Pages from the Children’s Family Trust’s web site. The landing page has three states, which present the Trust’s core values. The content of other pages ranges from the history of the Trust, through recruitment information for staff and foster carers, to information on Trustees, finances, fund raising, location and contact information.

The revised identitifer. We improved the colours, making the whole much more vibrant, and designed a logotype that could be used in a number of configuratoins with the ark.

In addition to new stationery and a corporate folder
(right) a range of forms was designed, and developed in Microsoft Word format. These are comprehensive and include staff and foster carer applications, reporting a range of information and incidents, claims, and fund raising.

Collateral we delivered:
corporate identiity
business cards
identity cards
web site
corporate folder
corporate documents
office window graphics
pull-up display
When we were first approached by the Children’s Family Trust’s Chairman of the Trustees, the project under discussion was a new web site.

As the discussions developed it became clear that the web site could become a significant component of the Trust’s expansion plans: as a promotional tool; a recruitment engine; an information repository for carers across the regions that the Trust operates in; all while being the ideal place to re-establish and reiterate the Trust’s core values and professional credentials.

Consequently we looked at the range of materials that the work might sensibly embrace to ensure that the new web site didn’t emerge amongst less than comparable information and promotional collateral.

While planning for the new web site began the first item on the design agenda was the identity, which we refreshed and created new artwork for. New stationery and the first of a myriad of forms followed.

In all we designed around 30 forms, and developed these in Microsoft Word. Once the head office and regional variations are accounted for around 130 forms of various lengths were delivered. Many of these are downloadable from secure pages on the web site.

The web site’s comprehensive content included: the Trustís history; staff and foster carer recruitment; information about vacancies for local authorities; finances and fund raising; the role of the Trustees; as well as contact and location information.

The site was developed in such a way that maintenance and updates can be undertaken by the Trustís staff.
Image of the corporate folder, letterhead, compliments slip and business card
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