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  FISITA: Corporate collateral and information material
Image of the FISITA corporate filder
Image of FISITA leaflets I like the fact that each job, however small, is still treated as a fresh design exercise in itself – never just as a re-hash. Hands-on always want to know: ‘What does this piece need to do? How will you actually be using it?’ It's not enough that it looks nice. It has to work, and Hands-on
understand that.

Ian Dickie

Chief Executive Officer 1996–2013
Image of FISITA Honorary Committe member information panels

Corporate folder (top), information leaflets about FISITA and schemes for student engineers (top right).

FISITA’s 2008 congress took place in Munich, Germany. The organisations on the honorary committee were represented in a series of over 60 A1 size information panels (above). Equal status was required for the small organisations and the major players.

Image of FISITA identity usage guidelines
Brief, visual guidelines to the correct use of the FISITA identifier were devised for a diverse audience.

Since being introduced to the Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d’Ingénieurs des Techniques de l’Automobile (FISITA) in the summer of 2006, we have prepared a wide range of marketing and information collateral, across a range of media, developed around their existing identity.

Ian Dickie, FISITA’s CEO (1996–2013), outlines what they needed from a design consultancy: ‘As our organisation grew, we knew we needed an agency to develop a cohesive visual identity for FISITA. But we couldn’t justify starting with a full-scale branding exercise. Hands-on started us with some core marketing materials which they have since skilfully developed with us over time to create a strong, unified and professional house style. The design principles they’ve given us have proved flexible enough to be easily applied to an expanding range of print and electronic materials, some of which we could not have anticipated needing when we started out.’

Working with a very focused client on such a wide range of material – from information leaflets and exhibition panels, corporate collateral such as a folder, PowerPoint template, flag and banners, to an indentifier for an international student competition – provided an opportunity to improve the way the existing corporate identity is applied. The results include: a more coherent overall appearance; a robust but flexible design system, within which new designs can be generated more quickly, and therefore more cost-effectively; and rationalisation of the corporate colour palette (contributing to a reduction in print production costs).

Ian continues: ‘We have a small staff and we’re working on lots of things at once, so we often need projects completed at unreasonably short notice. Hands-on impress me because they will deliver to tight deadlines without compromising on the originality or integrity of the design.’

Working with Ian and his staff at the London office, where most of the collateral is conceived and local control easier, is straight-forward. However, the inconsistent use of the FISITA identity by the various member societies around the world had led to a breakdown in the way the identity was presented, and therefore perceived. To address this problem, and cater for the diversity of the world-wide target audience, concise, visually-based guidelines were devised and issued worldwide.

Working with FISITA is usually challenging but always rewarding. We feel we are a part of their team, and that makes the occasional time-based constraints very much easier to deal with successfully. And to-date this relationship has resulted in very satisfying work for us.

Other work for this client
Image of Formula SAE information material and advert for online Bookstore
  FISITA commissioned an identifier for its international design, construct and race competition for student automotive engineers. Artwork in various formats, with brief usage guidelines, was prepared and issued worldwide.
We have provided design consultancy for a range of documents and activities: annual reviews; a 60th anniversary book; newsletters; press release templates; advertisements; leaflets; the biennial World Automotive Congress; the World Automotive Summit; the EuroBrake conference and exhibition.

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