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  Identitifiers: Logotypes and symbols
  We have often been commissioned to design logotypes and symbols for our clients: some have been developed for new organisations; some for organisations during the course of reviewing their collateral; and some for events, conferences or competitions.

We use the term identifier because – strictly speaking – a logotype comprises only letterforms, while many of the designs comprise type and symbols. Therefore identifier seems a more appropriate way of describing both kinds.
Automotive Knowledge Associates Limited
Logotype for an automotive events organisation

This client organises specialised events which attract a calibre of participant that makes the event unique in the sector: delivering not only the optimum networking opportunity but also the perfect sales platform.

aka’s profile needed to be lower than that of the events it delivers, while communicating the senior, credible expertise of its people.

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Image of the aka logotype
Logotype for arts co-operative

The name was given but it needed a typographic twist: so we gave it one … literally.

Image of the AndSome logotype
AttendZen Limited
Logotype for an events management software platform

Paul is the Design director of this new software company, so it fell to him to wrangle the views of his new business partners with the requirement to look the part in the events management software arena.

A fresh, confident, cheerful and approachable logotype characterises the ethos of this plucky tech start-up.

Image of attendzen logotype
Identifier for a digital arts festival

We were commissioned by Rebecca Owen on behalf of Liverpool’s Foundation for Art and Creative Technology to develop an identity for a series of coordinated arts exhibitions and events across the West Midlands.

The identifier reflected the approximate geographic distribution of the events with Brirmingham at the centre, while the separate elements give visual cues to the digital nature of the works.

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Image of the BitParts identifier
City Car Summit
Identifier for an automotive conference

The brief asked for a lot of related but hard to reconcile ideas to be incorporated into a single identifying mark.

We elected to develop a symbol-based approach where urban living, mobile technology, logistics, vehicles, and navigation are all represented.

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Image of the City Car Summit identifier
CrowdCover Limited
Identifier for a sound engineering company

A change of emphasis for one of our long-standing clients resulted in a new name for the business, which required a design for an identifier.

Sound engineering had always been a component of their business activities, but the exclusive emphasis on supplying PA systems for a range of indoor and outdoor events and activities demanded a review of the presentation and description of the business offering.

The idea is a really simple one: sound waves and their source

Image of the Crowd Cover identitifer
Cyber Secure Car
Identifier for an automotive conference and exhibition

A simple, fun symbol resulted from distilling the myriad software, hardware, and logistical complications of modern vehicle security. A robust, geometric typeface completes this strong visual identity.

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Image of the Cyber Secure Car identifier
Dougie & Co.
Identifier for a dog walking company

When we were first asked to design a mark for a colleague, we had no idea how far outside of our normal orbit this would take us, nor how it would challenge – and develop – our digital drafting skills.

Nevertheless, the result is simply charming.

Image of the Dougie and Co identifier
Ektello Partners
Identifier for a software sales consultancy

Next Step Forward commissioned us to design an identity for start-up consultancy Ektelo Partners. This company aimed to help financial technology software companies develop more effective sales strategies, thereby achieving greater value from sales investment and resources.

Another very simple idea: targets.

Image of the Ektelo identifier
Identifier for an automotive conference and exhibition

FISITA (with one of its member societies) founded a specialised event for engineers, manufacturers and academics working in the area of braking technologies across automotive and rail transport.

The identity needed to express something about braking technology and the European focus. Technologically the range of applications seemed to share one feature: a disc for applying braking forces to. Thus, the idea is a really simple one: a brake disc with star-shaped caliper, derived from the European Union flag in form and colour.

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Image of the EuroBrake identifier
Expand LLP
Identifier for a City consultancy

Next Step Forward commissioned us to redesign Expand Consulting’s identity as part of a complete review of their print and online presence.

The work entailed redrawing the existing griffin and developing an identifier which embodied the values that the consultancy had already established for its client base, while complimenting the appearance of new collateral we were also designing.

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Image of the Expand identifier
Formula Student
Identifier for an automotive engineering competition

FISITA commissioned us to design an identifier for an international student engineering competion they sponsored.

The competition entailed the design and construction of a prototype racing car, with sucess being evaluated by testing.

Our design represented the sponsor and title while reflecting the competitive nature of the events.

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Image of the Expand identifier
Hands-on associates
Symbol for a design consultancy

Designing an identifier for oneself is one of the hardest projects to undertake. Remaining objective can be difficult.

Our idea was straight-forward enough: communication under any circumstances. This embraced not only the needs of different clients and their disparate audiences, but also the range of traditional and digital media we design for.

The expression is a little more complicated: we wanted to illustrate our ethos too, encapsulated by ‘hands-on’. Thus, hands were the literal image. Paul’s hands (drawn from life, of course) are signing an ‘h’ inside an ‘o’.

Image of the Hands-on symbol
IAM RoadSmart Solent
Identity for a road safety training group

When IAM RoadSmart implemented a redesign of their identity and collateral, Solent Advanced Motorcyclists decided to follow their lead.

There were shared objectives in terms of road safety and recruitment, combined with a desire to shake-off the perceptions which sometimes detract from the benefits of advanced rider training.

Motorcycling is a diverse activity, and we wished to avoid fixing ideas and perceptions around any single motorcycle design or type. Taking visual cues from the IAM RoadSmart designs, the identifier reflects the range of riders and motorcycles, symbolising the historical connection with the Solent, while suggesting that the training really happens in candidate’s heads.

IAM RoadSmart Solent identifier
Identifier for an automotive conference and exhibition

Another tricky one: the identifier needed to embrace a range of technical subjects including conventional and high-pressure fuel tanks, materials and manufacturing processes, and associated fueling systems.

Such complexity needed distilling: in essence it’s a container for a liquid or a gas, with a means of delivering either for combustion.

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Image of the inter-tank identifier
Insuring Autonomous Vehicles
Identifier for an automotive conference

This conference addresses the complexities of risk when insuring the users of autonomous and assisted driving vehicles.

Our right-side-of-quirky identifier embodies the technologies, risk, and certification.

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Image of the Insuring Autonomous Vehicles identifier
Shirley Baker: Women and Children; and Loitering Men
Logotype for a photography exhibition and accompanying book

This distinctive, quirky logotype is a visual play on the title and its punctuation, itself an observation on the content of many of the photographs.

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Image of the Shirley Baker logotype
Streets Ahead
Identifier for an information campaign

Streets Ahead was an initiative aimed specifically at owners of properties with solid walls. Given the title of the initiative a road-sign format offered the appropriate design answer.

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Image of the Streets Ahead identifier
Saturday Night & Sunday Morning
Logotype for a photography exhibition

We worked collaboratively with Anna Douglas for the Djanogly Art Gallery to develop an identity for an exhibition of photography which explored the concept of authenticity.

The identity had to reach further than the logotype: it embodied a simple graphic idea – mirror – manifested in the typography, layout and organisation of the exhibition and accompanying book, while evoking a period appearance.

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Image of the Saturday Night and Sunday Morning logotype
FISITA World Automotive Summit
Identifier for an industry forum

Asked to develop an identity for an annual high-level meeting in the automotive sector, we designed an identifier with a nod to the World Economic Forum.

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Image of the World Automotive Summit identifier
Hands-on symbol
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