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Streets Ahead Identity. brochure and promotional collateral
Image of the Streets Ahead identifier

Image of a Streets Ahead flag
Images of spreads from the Streets Ahead brochure

Top left
The Streets Ahead identifier used across all promotion and information items.

Far left
A flag used at events.

Spreads from the brochure showing how the house style was applied. Insulation for properties with solid walls is explained in detail: diagrams and illustrations identify wall types and suitable insulation options; the process from application, through survey to installation is described; the benefits are explained; information on further energy saving and conservation options is provided.

Letterhead, direct mail letter and one of the local authority co-branded C5 envelopes.

Bottom left
Banner hung from scaffolding during installation work and a large grant award ‘cheque’ used for promotional photographs.

Bottom right
A range of information and promotional items were delivered, including these A4 posters and fact sheets.

The following were designed:
fact sheet
direct mail letters
case study Word template
promotional cheque
scaffolding banner

Photography courtesy of
Action Surrey.

Images of Streets Ahead branded letterhead, direct marketing letter and envelope
Photograph of the scaffolding banner and promotional cheque

Action Surrey helps home owners, schools, and businesses conserve energy and water through the use of preventative measures and alternative methods.

Streets Ahead was an initiative aimed specifically at owners of properties with solid walls.

Operated through 2015 and early 2016, the information campaign promotes a grant towards the cost of insulating such properties.

The campaign required posters, fact sheets, a case study Word template, and direct mail aimed at owners of specific property types. The 16 page brochure drew all the information together, describing the technical options, benefits, and the process from application, to survey, through to installation.

The designs developed the work we have been doing with Action Surrey over the past four years, extending the visual language of symbols and treatments to handle more complex information.

Image of an A4 fact sheet and poster
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