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Images of Bahnstormer Motorrad’s Edition symbol and IAM RoadSmart Solentís new identifier
Bahnstormer Motorrad’s ‘Edition’ symbol.

IAM RoadSmart Solent’s new identifier, which represents the varied types of members and the group’s long association with The Solent.

Symbols for Woking Borough Council’s new web site, including a rendering of a local landmark, HG Wells’ Martian.

Bespoke bikes

Bahnstormer Motorrad asked for a mark to distinguish their ĎEditioní motorcycles: customised with parts, accessories, or paintwork. We developed a simple addition to their current identifier: suitably minimal, it allows the bikes to speak for themselves.

All at sea

We’ve helped out a friend of ours with an illustrated childrens’ story book: I Saw It First … in Salcombe. Something of a departure from our usual line of work, itís a fundraising effort, with a percentatge of the profits going to the RNLI.

Maps and symbols for Surrey

We have recently deliverd the maps for a web-based interactive booking system for a Surrey food and drink festival, and a set of symbols for Woking Borough Council’s new web site.

Safety first

A new identity and associated information collateral for IAM RoadSmart Solent, a Hampshire-based road safety organisation, were launched in 2018.

Tower of Babel

We have been working with a German client to deliver an information and promotion campaign for on-line language courses, delivering content in English, German, and Russian.

Shoulder to the wheel

We are in the midst of a medium-term project for the financial services division of Wolters Kluwer, a global information services company. The work involves the review and updating of a range of information products, including software architecture and process diagrams

Images of Woking Borough Councilís new web site and the martian symbol
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